The maximum score for each challenge is 300 points. All scorecards include a bonus point for referring another organization to participate in the challenge. Each scorecard has five recognition levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). An organization is eligible for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond awards at the following point levels:

15-35 PTS
36-65 PTS
66-149 PTS


The third round of the Mayor's Workplace Challenge will take place from April 2014 through April 2015. For returning businesses that participated in the first or second years of the Workplace Challenge, all scores and answers remain the same and are accessible when you log into your business's score to attain Diamond level. If you are a new business, simply register and access each of the three scorecards.

Once your scorecard has been submitted, you will have the opportunity to update regularly throughout the year with the final deadline on March 1, 2015 before the annual Awards ceremony in the spring of 2015. Please update your scorecard(s) with your most recent improvements by this deadline. One month after the judging deadline, you can either attend the Mayor's Workplace Challenge Awards ceremony where workplaces will be recognized for their accomplishments. All participants will receive also receive an certificate(s) and an electronic seal of recognition that can be used in your interactive material and printed to proudly display in your workplace.

One month after the judging deadline, you will receive your official award which includes an electronic seal of recognition that can be used in your interactive materials and printed to proudly display in your workplace.

Can my organization add multiple users to the same scorecard?

We understand that your organization may have multiple individuals who would be responsible for individual parts of the scorecard. The Mayor’s Workplace Challenge allows your organization to assign multiple users to the same organization. Your team is able to work together to seamlessly complete your organizations scorecard through this functionality.

  • Click User Manager on the top of this website.
  • To add a new user, press the link ‘Click here to create a new user’
  • Please answer the short questionnaire (user name, password, name, etc.)p;
  • Click ‘Create New User’ to add the new user to your organization’s profile.
Who in my organization should complete this scorecard?

We recommend a primary point of contact/administrator register your organization as a mew participant, and then the following employee positions for each scorecard. These additional users may be identified during the registration process:

Large organization:

  • Healthy Scorecard: Human Resources or similar department staff member.
  • Green Scorecard: Operations, Facilities Management, Environmental Affairs or similar department staff member.
  • Involved Scorecard: Human Resources, Community Relations, Marketing Outreach, or similar department staff member.


Small organization:

If you are smaller businesses with shared job responsibilities, one administrator or the main point of contact may complete any or all of the scorecards.

Are all three scorecards required?

We invite your organization to complete all three individual challenges, but you are also welcome to complete only one or two.

How often can I update my scorecard(s)?

You can update your scorecard as often as you would like. Please note the judging deadlines to ensure your scorecard(s) is updated to meet those milestones. The next judging deadline is March 1, 2015.

What if I do not sign-up when the Challenge is launched, and therefore would have less than a year to improve my score(s)?

You can begin the Workplace Challenge anytime within the year period; however, the end of the Challenge (April 2015) will remain the same for all participants regardless of when you begin.

What if my business has multiple locations?

You have the option to complete the survey for your entire organization, or you can choose to complete the survey for one particular location (For example: your business is a franchise). If you choose to complete the scorecard(s) for the entire organization, please ensure that answers apply to ALL of your workplace facilities.

Does this Challenge apply to my workplace and the products or services we provide?

Though many of our local businesses provide innovative and sustainable products and services in Nashville, this challenge only measures the information about the workplace.

Tracking your progress

Once you set up an account, you will also have a link to track your progress from the dashboard. A graph will display your current score on each scorecard. Each time you log-in or access the dashboard, you can monitor your progress by the date of your entry and monitor your progress as it relates to the recognition levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Saving your Scorecard(s)

Please be sure to save frequently. Your login will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. Click the submit button at the bottom of each scorecard to save your progress at any point, and as frequently as needed.

If you need assistance, clarification on a question, or would like to learn more about how to improve your score on any scorecard, please email

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