About the Challenge 


Every day, more than 245,000 of us go to a place of work. Many spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. As a result, our workplaces are more than just economic drivers – they are critical in shaping how we live and the impact we have on our community.

Through the Bull City Workplace Challenge, we ask businesses and organizations throughout the City of Durham and Durham County to step up and show just how much they can help our community be a better place to live and work.  

Since 2007, Durham has been doing its part to cut carbon emissions and improve the environmental performance of its municipal operations. From single stream recycling to multimodal transportation improvements, from landfill-methane-to-electricity projects to water conservation programs, the City and County have modeled the way toward a cleaner, greener future.

We want us all to set the bar high, and we are looking forward to recognizing the organizations that take this challenge to show that they can move Durham toward a greener, more sustainable future.


Stephen M. Schewel

Commissioner Wendy Jacobs

County Commissioner Chair
Wendy Jacobs


The Challenge is open to each workplace located within Durham County or the City of Durham -- organizations small and large and belonging to any industry.  

These Durham workplaces have taken the challenge!








Through the Challenge, your workplace can:

  1. Avoid financial waste by saving energy and water
  2. Contribute to a cleaner environment and help improve public health
  3. Engage employees to improve your organization 
  4. Build workplace practices that support your employees' health
  5. Contribute to local government initiatives that will benefit our community in Durham
  6. More closely align your company's values and practices​
  7. Brand your workplace as environmentally conscious to attract customers and employees

  1. Register your workplace.
  2. Sign in to the dashboard and complete an initial scorecard to determine how your workplace rates currently. (To view a copy of the scorecard without creating an account, click here.)
  3. Work with others in your workplace to achieve additional scorecard items and increase your total score. Yes, we can help!
  4. As you take actions to improve your environmental impact, update the scorecard to show how you have improved.
  5. Get recognized! Throughout the Challenge, we will profile participants who are high performers or who make notable progress. We'll also recognize all organizations that achieve each Challenge level with awards, bragging rights, and visual branding for display.


     See How It Works for more detail about participating in the Challenge.



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