Frequently Asked Questions 


Have a primary point of contact/administrator register your organization as a new participant. Smaller organizations may wish to have the main point of contact complete the entire scorecard. If you are a larger organization, then several staff members' expertise may be relevant. Staff who are likely knowledgeable about green practices include those in Operations, Facilities Management, Environmental Affairs, etc. Some of the scorecard items are also relevant to Human Resources, employee benefits, and procurement.

If multiple users will fill out your organization's scorecard, please simply share your login credentials with all relevant team members. While multiple users can be logged in at the same time, make sure to coordinate with your team so that only one user is editing the scorecard at a time to ensure that all changes are applied.  

Log in on the sign in page using your credentials. This will take you to your organization's Dashboard. From the Dashboard, access your scorecard by clicking on the blue button marked "GO TO SCORECARD." Don't forget to save when you're finished making changes! 
Click the submit button at the bottom of each scorecard to save your progress at any point and as frequently as needed. Please be sure to save frequently. Your login will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
Not at all! Your score will be calculated based on the questions your organization can answer ‘yes’ to. 
Definitely not. After you register, you will have 30 days to provide your initial answers to all scorecard sections, so fill it out at whatever pace works for you. Your submission at 30 days will be saved as your initial scorecard, and we will compare any additional progress you make throughout the Challenge to this baseline score. We will send you a reminder email as you approach this 30-day mark. If you finish your initial scorecard early and are eager to get started tracking new progress, please contact us at to save your initial scorecard early. After that point, please continue updating your scorecard as you make improvements to sustainability in your workplace.  
Sure, a PDF of the scorecard can be viewed here
Congratulations! You've completed your initial submission. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly to review your submission with you and assist you in identifying next steps based on the actions remaining on your scorecard. As you achieve new scorecard items, please update your scorecard to reflect your progress. (If you finish your initial scorecard early in the 30-day starting period, please confirm with us at that your initial scorecard is saved before you make updates.)  
You can update your scorecard as often as you would like; we encourage you to update it as you make progress. 
Once you set up an account, you will also have a link to track your progress from the dashboard. A graph will display your current score on each scorecard. Each time you log-in or access the dashboard, you can monitor your progress by the date of your entry and monitor your progress as it relates to the recognition levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 
Not all workplaces are the same: Some own their property, while some rent. Some only manage interior spaces while others have outdoor landscaping. Some workplaces are based in offices while others are mobile or have a retail space. We have worked hard to develop an inclusive set of scorecard items. Some important questions, however, may not apply to all participants. Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust the scoring process for these questions; please do not check the box for any questions that do not apply to your workplace. However, it is possible to achieve Gold status by only addressing scorecard items that are likely to apply to all organizations. 
This is a friendly challenge to inspire great workplace practices; thus, we will generally use the honor system. However, we do reserve the right to contact organizations to verify any answers, especially for organizations receiving special recognition. 
You may choose to complete the survey for your entire organization or for one particular location. If you choose to complete the scorecard for the entire organization, please ensure that answers apply to ALL of your workplace facilities. 
We encourage you to integrate sustainability into your products and services, and many of our local workplaces already do. However, this challenge specifically measures your workplace practices. 

Have more questions? Need assistance? Want to learn more about how to improve your score?
You may find answers at How it Works and on our Resources page. Please also contact us at

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